In these details and technology-driven period, there is a number of Artificial Intelligence which have were able to infiltrate various industries. The medical industry isn't any exception. Over the last couple of years, it has witnessed the rapid integration of AI. Based on a CB Insights study, Artificial Intelligence can be used by 86 percent of life science firms, healthcare providers, and technology vendors. Patients, physicians, and hospital administrators’ life is made easier by artificial intelligence. They perform tasks normally done by humans in a fraction of the time and at a small fraction of the cost. The AI market, that was estimated around $600 million in 2021. It's likely to hit $150 billion by 2026, is among the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Based on photographs submitted by patients, Google has introduced a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist spot skin, hair, and nail conditions. The AI can recognize 288 skin conditions. It is not meant to replace medical diagnosis and treatment, according to the company.

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