Last week a team of female engineers from BAE Systems created a brand new bespoke engineering challenge with the Girl Guides Association Malaysia (Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia). The challenge will offer 280,000 young women a chance to complete a series of fun and engaging engineering tasks to earn the new 'Gear Up' girl guiding badge.

After the success of similar launches in the UK and Singapore, BAE Systems and Girl Guides hope to build back better with young women. The badge has witnessed many budding young female engineers asked to take a desire for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), in addition to basic computer programming and coding.

The ‘Gear up’ badge premiered in the annual girl guides conference in Kuala Lumpur on 2rd October and will be presented over the various regions in Malaysia within the coming months. The lady Guiding organization hopes that it'll be considered a popular badge because it focuses on reinforcing the nation's safety and economic prosperity.

BAE Systems has been working in partnership with Malaysia for more than Half a century. Such nation-building programs will encourage young women to study STEM subjects as well as attract a powerful and diverse pipeline of talent for their future workforce.

BAE Systems works closely with Girl Guides Association Malaysia as you body to ensure as numerous ladies as you possibly can have the opportunity to generate the ‘Gear up’ badge, considering virtual workout sessions and activities if required to be able to follow Malaysia’s Standard Operating Procedures. Importantly, the 2 organizations will make sure the tasks remain fun and engaging for the girls and encourage them to take a desire for engineering and think differently about STEM subjects.

Charles Hay, British High Commissioner to Malaysia, commended BAE Systems and the Girl Guides Association Malaysia around the initiative and said:

“Having a track record in academic and research excellence, the UK is another STEM powerhouse as well as an advocate for girls’ education. This initiative is a great method to empower girls and inspire greater women’s participation in STEM-related fields, thereby promoting equality of opportunity. I hope all of the girl guides in Malaysia will require in the challenge and benefit from the program.\”

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