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#10: What does a converted classroom look like each and every grade level?


Although the term “flipped learning” is almost universally recognized, teachers put it to use in many forms, in all grades levels, and various school situations. If you are a teacher utilizing flipped learning, the probabilities are that you share a number of similarities with other course instructors who flip-as well as a few differences. However, the major commonality among all transformed learning teachers is always that every one of them is building personal learning goes through for each student.

We inquired three flipped professors — one from an elementary school, a single from a junior substantial, and one from a senior high school — to describe what discovering looks like in their community.

Beth Hobbs, third-grade teacher
Burkett Elementary, Pennsylvania

“Over the past several years, I have transformed my traditional classroom to a student-centered classroom. Through switched learning, my individuals are able to complete once a week reading assignments together with tasks at home to improve their learning past our regular course load.

Depending on the student’s role within each job, students question each other, share an interesting portion of a reading passage, provide a summary, define new words, and correct the reading recommended to their experiences or identical stories. Students develop into excited to meet along with discuss their works of fiction.

Before I moved to the flipped classroom, it may well take weeks to learn a novel together in college, and the discussion had been led and swayed greatly by what I said. By doing the assignments at home, the students are able to style their own opinions as well as challenge their childhood friends to look at the book by different perspectives.

With help from exciting apps just like Chatterpix, iMovie, Adobe Voice, Touchcast, and ClassFlow, scholars can showcase their particular mastery of learning through a fun shop. Without flipped studying, it would not be entirely possible that me to combine the use of such interesting apps within the college class. Flipped learning means me to go outdoor my comfort zone and hang the learning into my student’s hands.”

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