In this problem of the journal, Katharine M. Conn, Virginia S. Lovison, and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo set of the way the Teach For America experience affects teacher-participants. Education Next editor Martin West discussed the article using the CEO of Teach For America, Elisa Villanueva Beard.

One of my students, Jasmine, had these chronic headaches. And for a while I thought maybe she just was looking to get out of work, but things i found realize is that she'd horrific tooth ache because she'd a mouth filled with cavities. And when I started to inquire about the rest of my kids about oral cleanliness practices, I came to realize my kids did not have the basics on oral cleanliness, or didn't have access to dental hygiene. And that was the beginning of me becoming subjected to knowning that my children are coming to school because of so many unmet needs that are just basic needs that each child must have.

And that one afternoon in my first semester training, an experienced teacher came into my classroom and, as we were chatting, she inquired about why I worked so difficult because she desired to know if I realized that we were teaching the future prisoners from the state of Arizona, that was incredibly shocking, and obviously disturbing, but really just deepened my own courage of conviction, because which was the setting, but things i found is that the kids, consistently, would rise to the occasion. They were excellent-

And so, I emerged from my experience really just inspired by my students and my families. I was pretty outraged by what was happening and how plenty of children's access or opportunity is simply driven by where they happens to be born and where she or he happens to go to school.

And I believe I began to just better comprehend the complexity from the problem, what's happening outside of school, in communities where youngsters are living in poverty, and what that means within classrooms and whole schools and districts, and also the start of what it really might take to get rid of this, and really dedicated to being part of the solution, and determined to get to the day when, truly, every child comes with use of an excellent education.

-When you see something, you can't un-look at it. And also you stick to it and do whatever you can to actually do your part to bring about ensuring all kids get what they deserve.

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