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Education Technology

Lockheed Martin Awards 200 Scholarships, Provides Internships Further


Lockheed Martin proudly announced the grateful recipients of their 2021 STEM Scholarship Program. This program is geared toward high school and college undergraduate students likely to pursue a major in engineering or information technology, who demonstrate financial need and are available from an underrepresented group or underserved community.

Lockheed Martin received 6,333 applications and it is awarding 200 scholarships in 2021. Students will get as much as $40,000 total in scholarship funding, or $10,000 per school year for approximately three more years or until a bachelor's degree is earned, whichever comes first. The program continues to add as much as 200 new recipients every year and will also be open to individuals studying engineering or information technology that report financial need and come from underrepresented or underserved communities.

The scholarship program doesn't end with a check. Mentoring opportunities is a key element of the program, and recipients may also be eligible for Lockheed Martin internship opportunities following their freshman year attending college.

Patricia L. Lewis, Lockheed Martin senior vice president of Human Resources said, \”Lockheed Martin is proud to provide opportunities to students who want to develop their talents and make a much better world.\” \”Our scholarship recipients are some of the best and also the brightest – those who eventually will build up breakthrough solutions that will shape our nation's future\”, she assured.

The scholarship program is run by Scholarship America, a company using more than 60 years of experience designing and managing scholarship programs.

Note: Dedicated to advancing global security and strengthening local economies, Lockheed Martin Corporation has Eligibility Requirements that help talents to tackle the world's toughest challenges and shape their future.

Also, Scholarship applications for that 2021-2021 school year is finished on March 12, 2021. Applications for the 2021-2021 school year will open in January 2021.

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Animaker 2.0 Video Making Tool, a Swiss Army Knife of Creativity


To edutain everyone with great video content video makers do need revolutionary tools, which can help them enrich their video quality. The tech-rendered, Animaker 2.0 Video Editing Tool nowadays is the highlight among millennials for such need.

Animaker Inc., the fastest-growing cloud-based video creation platform has launched Animaker 2.0, which aims to be a ‘Swiss army knife of creativity’ for those video creators all over the world.

Launched in 2021, this new video editing tool provides cutting-edge features to help designers easily create engaging video content in the form of live videos, full-length movies, explainer videos, 4K YouTube intros, and social networking GIFs.

The Animaker family

Animaker today counts more than four million customers, which range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. To-date Animaker helps users create countless animated videos for all sorts of uses, ranging from simple birthday desires to advanced corporate explainer videos. However, the organization smiles and states that it has only solved a tiny fraction from the problem.

The future of video making is here

Animaker 2.0 blends creativity and advanced technology to effectively disrupt the market for video creation and editing. Since its beginning, the tool has been helping both professional and non-professional designers around the globe turning their ideas into engaging live videos.

In addition to its animated videos, Animaker 2.0 empowers users with the ability to concurrently edit animations and put effects on one screen and text graphics on another, and edit and upload live videos directly onto their social networking platforms.

Providing a variety of video making tools to Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Philips Healthcare to help improve patient care through better, more engaging educational content geared to its patients. Animaker helped them create videos which have greatly improved the education of NICU patients to assist provide care for newborns in the NICU.

This makes a difference by looking into making a job easier, by looking into making NICU nurse’s lives easier, and by helping parents of critically ill babies learn in such a simple, easy, and interactive way.

Lightest, easiest, and revolutionary features

Animaker 2.0 is packed with three exciting smart products: (1) Video Editor, (2) Animation Maker, and (3) Animaker Lite.

Animaker's $1 arrange for the premium video is smartly packed to assist create videos for private needs, student projects, and businesses that are just starting to ride on the benefit of videos. The company believes the cost of video creation should not come in the clear way of an aspiring creator.

  • Animation Maker features several advanced animation technologies, including “Character Builder,” “Animaker Voice,” and “Auto Lip-Sync.”
  • Animaker Lite features the world’s most straightforward GIF-making app that allows users available hundreds of animations, add text, swap graphics, change colors, and hit play. This features a sleek and lightweight video creation product called Animaker Lite. It's designed to be the world’s most accessible video and GIF-making app. Users select a template, edit text, swap characters, alter the music, and hit export.
  • The company offers the lowest cost premium subscription plan offered by a DIY tool for $1 monthly, which gives users use of a range of exciting features to create premium animated and live videos.

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    HackerRank Releases Strongest Student Developers, Requires Better Candidate selection process


    Over 1.4 million assessments, the best-performing students don’t always attend top-ranked universities
    Technology lets enter students in to the fast-paced ecosystem where they tend to invest their time trying out the latest inventions as developers use programming. However, the technical hiring platform HackerRank suggests recruiters should probably decelerate a bit and go back to master the candidate selection process. HackerRank recently released university rankings that identify which universities around the world have students with the strongest key developer skills. The rankings were brought out according to a lot more than 1.4 million student assessments administered by potential employees on HackerRank’s platform throughout their interview processes. The rankings suggest the best student developers as well as their performance don't align with university reputation.
    The study also suggests ranking schools (based on technical skills that employers need) are a better indication of professional success than university-centric data points like teaching, citations, and research, and therefore a more valuable guide for tech recruiters and hiring managers.
    Research reflects lesser-known ones among top universities
    Though the result indicates the top developers come from shinning universities, most of the best student developers attend universities that emphasize practical skills don't fall into the known popular universities. Additionally, HackerRank provides a blueprint for where technical recruiters will find the best new developers to fill the growing number of jobs in this field.
    HackerRank categorized it makes sense based on student performance in four key skills: problem-solving, language proficiency, data structures knowledge and Information technology (CS) fundamentals. The key finding in the research includes universities in the Americas the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
    o Within the Americas, the best-performing students attend a mix of traditional top-tier CS programs and lesser-known ones. Columbia University and Carnegie Mellon ranked highly, but schools like Stanford, MIT, and Princeton – while contained in the analysis – made no appearances across the four skills. UC Berkeley had a strong showing across all four key skills, likely as a result of mixture of a CS curriculum that emphasizes focusing on interdisciplinary real-world projects, and it is strong developer culture. Other schools that ranked in the top five for different skills were Arizona State University and the Rochester Institute of Technology.
    o The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) lead the Asia-Pacific region, driven by their specialization in creating curriculums that focus on engineering and technology. IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras appeared in every category, and just two non-IIT universities – Banaras Hindu University and Vellore Institute of Technology – ranked in this region.
    o Imperial College London was the only real university in Europe to rank across all four skills. Imperial College’s concentrate on helping students learn through “a focus on practical work” gives its students strong real-world skills. Though it’s not typically recognized among top CS programs, Turkey’s Bilkent University also ranked among the top five for two from the key skills, which makes it an overlooked talent pool for university recruiters.
    Vivek Ravisankar, co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, advised, \”This isn’t just a challenge for tech companies – to stay competitive, companies in each and every industry must evolve their technical recruiting processes.\”

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    Younique Introduces Augmented Reality Try-On Tool to boost the wonder Buying Experience


    In accessory for understanding body shape and size, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are advancing to this kind of extent customers can now shop cosmetic products online after facial analysis. This one-of-a-kind tool, Younique Beauty Guide is created by Younique, the very first direct sales company to pioneer the social-based business model. This personal touch feature may be the brand's first try-on tool that utilizes state-of-the-art facial analysis to allow you to virtually put on cosmetics before they purchase, improving the buying experience.

    The technology is about change – to bridge the space between a web-based and on-site shopping experience. The Younique Beauty Guide will bring customers the full beauty counter experience from anywhere, any time. The tool asks customers to use a photo or even the interactive live feature in the try-on room to experience with any of its products. The technology aims to change the way in which Younique Presenters and consumers interact with the brand's premium cosmetics. This latest will allow the customer to try before they're buying and answer the age-old question, “Will this look good on me?”

    Empowering \”try it on,\” Younique Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer Melanie Huscroft said, \”We are extremely excited to revolutionize the industry again with the Younique Beauty Guide-our new augmented reality tool-that is globally seamless and leverages innovation to help our mission that transcends borders, cultures, languages, and ultimately affects the mainstream thought of both inner and outer beauty. We believe every woman is unique, with our new tool we are able to now help our Younique Presenters and consumers find out what means they are feel the most beautiful.\”

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    Av Classroom Expert Highlights AV Industry Jobs for Millennial


    ICVi discusses entry-level jobs for college students seeking technical career paths

    Looking into prospective careers after graduation, students often deal with the nerve-wracking experience. Browsing industries, positions, roles, and responsibilities become significant during the job search process and the pressure is even higher when seeking an entry-level position. For college students who've shrunk down their industry preference to the AV industry, there are a lot of career opportunities within the job market. AV industry jobs are the near future workspace for a lot of upcoming graduates, based on their respective professionals. Audiovisual classroom expert, IVCi, highlights various career paths for college students pursuing the AV industry jobs.

    AV Project Manager

    The required an audiovisual project manager center around the supervision of all of the AV projects on site. The duties of an AV project manager include handling contracting, in-house activity coordination, managing project schedules, inspecting installation work, and monitoring project communication and resources.

    To become an AV project manager, candidates ought to learn over solid project management skills, along with familiarity in the AV industry. Clear communication and time-management skills will also be good tools to help one enter this profession.

    Room Engineer/Designer

    Designing, implementing, troubleshooting, and maintaining a room-based AV set-up are the main required an AV room engineer or architect. Professionals exist to optimize the AV infrastructure to ensure its high functioning and efficient for the needs from the client. Some of their duties include coordinating with project managers to assist meet client needs and preferences, engineering better customer solutions, training clients and their employees around the AV room operations, and helping clients with maintenance. An effective AV room engineer is equipped with valuable visualization and problem-solving skills.

    Audio Visual Installer

    The job of the AV installer fixed around handling, installing, operating, and potentially maintaining AV technology set-ups. Usually, this kind of position favors applicants with technical experience and certifications in handling AV technology. AV installers must handle a number of different AV set-ups, from projectors to sound systems to broadcasting equipment. Skills in AV equipment operation and installation, as well as troubleshooting, are the most valuable, but a detail-oriented and diligent work mentality can also be big pros.

    Live Events Manger/Professional

    A live events manager or professional managers operate the AV system for any live event or venue. Your regular tasks include handling lighting, sound, visuals, and microphones for concerts, theater performances, lectures, or any other types of live events. The professionals required to manage the AV equipment in professional audio, video, lighting, and staging equipment, with skills like coordination, organization, and flexibility enhancing the way live event managers do their job. This tech profession may be more dynamic and wish more traveling and weekend work, but it is also a valuable and exciting experience for any student's the first out of school.

    There are a variety of paths to choose from the AV industry jobs like a career. It's not easy to narrow down exactly what type of position students may choose in early stages. But, having at least an inkling of what fits their interests and career goals is great and can help cause them to the right job.

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    Fujifilm Donates Acuity Select 26 and IlluminaLED Technologies to Sonoco Institute, Prepares Students for Industry Needs


    Going to a college with technological support from a giant backer has obvious advantages. Students working in the Clemson University Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics have now the privilege of some technologies that many institutes don't have. They are able to now output prototypes faster and on a wider range of materials than in the past thanks to a present from Fujifilm. Prototypes include the Acuity Select 26 digital UV flatbed press and also the Illumina LED Retrofit System plus a three-year commitment including training and maintenance support.

    Students enrolled in the packaging design and graphics programs at Clemson are developing technical and creative abilities that will permit these to achieve success professionals in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

    As digital printing and flexography still evolve in the packaging industry, these donated innovative solutions will no doubt enrich the packaging design and graphics programs at Clemson University.

    The Acuity Select 26 built on all of the the best-selling globally successful and popular Acuity platform. These robust solutions are versatile in printing high-quality graphics on rigid, flexible and even roll media which supplies new and extra opportunities to expand print capabilities. The Illumina COLDCURE LED Retrofit System recently installed on the present flexographic press residing using the graphic communications department. The system delivers curing via patented LED-UV technology, and its unique design produces minimal heat, as well as heat dissipation can also be highly effective.

    Through this newly installed digital printer and LED curing system students can print their class projects and running trials to construct data points around these technologies.

    Haley Appleby, a faculty member whose students will benefit in the Acuity Select 26 said, \”Having use of this equipment at the Sonoco Institute is advancing our prototyping capabilities for education, research and real-world application.\” \”Students within my courses are being trained on how to operate the Acuity causing them to be even more equipped to go in the packaging industry after graduation.\”

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    Cambridge University Eco Racing introduces a new solar-powered electric vehicle


    An undergraduate team of Cambridge University has collaborated using the top UK automotive companies and experts to build up and manufacture Helia, a new solar-powered electric vehicle.

    Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) student's team just returned using their first international race with Helia to1, 864-mile drive from Darwin to Adelaide as part of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. CUER are actually getting excited about other potential solar races in Europe and beyond while considering some modifications to their vehicle. They also plan to visit schools to demonstrate we've got the technology behind electric vehicles and renewable energy and inspire the next generation engineers.

    CUER student's team is interested in practical engineering and sustainable transport technologies. Working with the UK's leading companies and specialists, their purpose would be to design and build the UK's most efficient electric car.

    This electric vehicle has automatic battery technology, efficient tyres, and aerodynamics, weighing only 550kg as a result of specialist ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre chassis and the body panels tooled by Portsmouth based Formaplex, a number one lightweight manufacturer for creating multi million pound high-powered supercars. Use of composites allowed the team to lessen weight while maintaining structural integrity in this sport car to move faster.

    Helia's streamlined aerodynamic design and lightweight construction significantly enhance the overall energy efficiency, using power from high performance lithiumion battery packs manufactured in collaboration with Silverstone based Danecca and CUER student's team. The battery pack has much higher energy density than most production vehicles, which gives Helia more than double the range of a Tesla Model 3, while being a quarter of the size.

    Xiaofan Zhang, CUER's Programme Director stated, \”While the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge didn't go exactly as we had hoped, it's still a significant achievement when you think back at the progress we have made over 2 yrs. The conditions this season were particularly challenging and this is the very first time this model had competed. Nevertheless, Helia's performance numbers showed her to be very competitive; it bodes extremely well for future events. Working with teams from Formaplex, Bridgestone, Danecca and our other partners was a real step-change for CUER within the overall research, design and manufacture process. It's allowed us to share expertise and improve the efficiency from the overall vehicle.\”

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    Galvanize And City Of Ny Deliver Tech Training To Underrepresented New Yorkers


    More than 60 % from the class identifies as a minority and 56 percent identifies as female, two demographics which are traditionally underrepresented within the tech world. As we celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month, the town of recent York and technology leaders, including Galvanize, are making progress in building a qualified, local talent pool to fill in-demand tech jobs by delivering tech training to underrepresented New Yorkers.

    Galvanize, the nation’s leading provider of software engineering and data science immersive training is eagerly anticipating the first round of graduates of the innovative new program that is preparing New Yorkers with limited tech experience for in-demand data analyst jobs. Dedicated for closing the skills gap that exists in technology today, Galvanize is thrilled that the City of Ny not just recognizes this need too. Moreover, it has dedicated resources toward equipping New Yorkers with the tools they need to have fun playing the city’s growing technology economy today as well as in the near future.

    The Data Analyst Training Accelerator (DATA), area of the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP) portfolio managed by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS), aims to supply an accessible pathway to data analyst careers for underrepresented New Yorkers, including those who are seeking an alternative to a four-year degree.

    DATA is made possible through over $800,000 in funding from the New York City Department of Small Business Services and a partnership with Galvanize.

    Talents can begin submitting their applications in February 2021 for the next class of 34 students. Eligible applicants must be 18, be unemployed or make under $45,000 a year and have no professional experience as a data analyst.

    The training initiative was designed to build a qualified, local talent pool to fill in-demand tech jobs. Burning Glass Technologies found that over the past 5 years, interest in data analysts in New York City is continuing to grow by 50%, and demand for data analysts early in their careers, with 0-2 experience, has increased by 112%.

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    Handmoto, Preparing Children for school Starting in Kindergarten


    Traditionally, when it comes to stepping college high school students are treated suddenly as an adult and immediate preparatory steps are come to enroll them. The society has been structuring itself for long and it seems no change is required. But it is not. A Portland Oregon based educational media and the manufacturing company believes the importance of a university degree ought to be introduced to children in a young age.

    Moto Sign and Media Corporation’s CEO, Gene Anderson says-it is a well-known fact that anyone who has past university degrees inside the family begin introducing their kids towards the importance of advanced schooling when they are young. They're being ‘groomed for success’ from the time they can walk and talk. This ‘goal setting’ environment shows a powerful case that initial phase ‘customized learning’ and ‘initial phase goal setting’ maybe two of the most significant factors for success inside a person’s life. We want all children to have this information, not only those people who are already on the ‘roll-call’ as they say.

    Of course, it doesn't mean that youngsters have to start choosing majors deciding on colleges, but it is essential for parents to teach their kids an appreciation of learning. Anderson highlights, \”When you examine the household good reputation for leaders in education, sports, along with other competitive venues, lots who excelled to the peak were introduced to the aim of a university degree or even a gold medal within the Olympics, in a very early stage in everyday life.\”

    A higher education is a gateway to opportunity in everyday life, and to address this chance and offer a learning tool for families that won't have experienced previous generations of school graduates, Moto Sign and Media (M-SAM) is presently reaching out to university presidents, professors and teachers from across the USA and Canada.

    The initiative ticks the enlisting educators in addition to students working on their Ph.D.’s to write courses on subjects like ‘Summary of Computer Science’ or ‘Why We Need Medical Research” or “The reason why We've Laws” and more. The Ph.D. degree holders are encouraged to write on subjects for a long time starting as soon as Three years old.

    HandMoto, a distinctive information learning tool made by M-SAM which is the world's first portable, background-Interchangeable, dry erase activity board. Lessons, graphics, templates, etc., are placed inside the board and the materials, graphics or lessons can be written over or interacted with, without touching the paper inside. This affordable tool runs without batteries or electricity which is well suited for children from the farthest corners of the world to understand and set goals to 1 day becomes a college graduate.

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    DJI Tello Drone : The Most Fun Drone Ever For Kids


    The craze for drones, capturing high-quality images and videos over the ground, is hovering everywhere. From controlling traffic to helping farmers practicing smart agriculture, drones are becoming the wave of industry 4.0. It ended up as a hobby for many people who spend quality time capturing moments form sky. If you're acquainted with drones' market, you've probably heard of the DJI, a China-based manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). The Company made 70% of the revenue share in the drone market in 2021. DJI Tello, launched in 2021, is the new sensation because of its price of just $100 into the drone market. Since that time, the drone generally is a small bundle of joy.

    Designed through the Chinese startup Ryze Tech together with Intel and DJI, the Tello offers an impressive flight experience. This best budget drone is fantastic for those who are just approaching the world of drones. The astonishing Throw&Go feature allows learners to simply throw the drone in the air and it'll take off.

    Despite weighing only 80g (2.8 ounces), Tello includes a sturdy frame while offering many flight capabilities and intuitive controls. Additionally, it may perform cool aerial stunts like 8D flips and flying down and up when in Bounce mode. Tello is equipped with a 5MP camera and can be maneuvered from the touch of a smartphone returning with amazing photos and videos. Readily available for under $100, Tello is a superb drone for learning the ropes.

    Before start flying, users have to download Tello, the drone's controlling app, onto their smartphone. It doesn't have a separate controller. All of the captured pics and vids will be kept in this app, because the drone doesn't contain any internal storage.

    DJI Tello is the cheapest and fun drone ever. All its characteristics result in the DJI Tello the perfect play companion for kids. But there's more. Recently, MIT developed a computer language Scratch, through which kids are now able to learn coding to program their DJI Tello Boost Combo. With the mobile programming app Tello Edu, students can command Tello to perform corresponding movements by dragging coding blocks on their own smart cellular devices. The flying experience can become an educational one.

    Scratch belongs to the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab and it can be downloaded free of charge. Specially produced for kids between 8 and 16 but could be utilised by anyone who desires to go into the programming world.

    In this tech era, coding is a vital skill. By providing kids the opportunity to learn it through play will definitely provide them with a valuable asset for future years. Scratch runs in additional than 40 languages and allows users to create code through Drag&Drop, which makes it an entire fun chance to learn. Using Scratch, children can create games, stories, and animations to build up their skills. They are able to also control the Tello having a computer and input pre-planned flights.

    The Tello Boost Combo can become an incredible learning tool for schools too. They can be implemented in programs to create lessons more interactive and fun; students is going to be certain to be enthusiastic by learning through a hands-on approach and will also retain much more information. Using innovative teaching methods is very important for schools have a tendency to want to supply the best educational experience and track of the rapid transformations within the tech world.

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