German School throughout Turkey Bans Instructors From Even Bringing up Christmas


By Jacob Bojesson Published on December 19, 2017 ?

A faculty in Istanbul financed with the German government has informed teachers in which traditional Christmas get-togethers have been canceled.

Management with the elite high school features informed teachers that they can can’t even discuss the topic of Christmas, relating to a leaked email from school management seen by means of news agency DPA. The actual move was promptly criticized by the The german language government, which referred to as the decision “completely unacceptable.”

“If Belgium is financing any teachers at this school, it has a say in what they teach, additionally, the government needs to help make that clear in order to Ankara,” the Religious Democratic Union’s lawmaker specializing in religious challenges said, according to .

Several politicians believe the decision is definitely tied to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s brand new cars to making Turkey much more Islamic.

The school usually owners a small celebration for teachers and trainees during the holidays. A student choir was recently obstructed from performing in the German consulate in Istanbul.

“We don’t realize the surprising determination of the leadership from Istanbul Lisesi,” the Languages like german foreign ministry said within a statement. “It is a great feel bad for that the good practice of the intercultural exchange while in the pre-Christmas period was hung at a school having a long history of German-Turkish.”

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