Patton Honored for Transformative Operate in Evaluation


The Claremont Evaluation Center has announced that Professor of Practice Michael Quinn Patton continues to be awarded the EvalYouth Transformative Evaluator Award. This new award recognizes substantial contributions toward enhancing evaluation's usefulness and relevance in developing a more just and sustainable world.

Launched in 2021, EvalYouth is the world's largest network of recent and emerging professional evaluators. Patton's award was announced during the organization's fifth virtual conference, that was held last November. Learn more about EvalYouth here

At CGU, Patton serves as a member of the board and faculty from the Evaluators' Institute (TEI), that he has been involved since its beginning. Also, he directs an organizational development and evaluation consulting business, Utilization-Focused Evaluation.

The author of six books on program evaluation, Patton has been a completely independent evaluation practitioner for more than 35 years and did at local, state, national, and international levels.

\”It's a much-deserved award,\” said Stewart Donaldson, who is a distinguished university professor at CGU as well as the executive director from the Claremont Evaluation Center and TEI. \”It is such a goody for the students to have one of the most experienced and in-demand evaluators, evaluation thought leaders, keynote speakers, and authors as their professor at CGU.\”

Patton describes himself like a generalist, applying evaluative methodologies to some wide variety of programs which range from health, human services, and education to employment, leadership development, poverty alleviation, and much more. He's conferred with nonprofit, philanthropic, private sector, and international organizations. His consulting practice has included program evaluation, strategic planning, conflict resolution, board facilitation, staff development, futuring, along with a number of organizational development approaches.

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