Passings: Michael Uhlmann, 1939-2021



Dear Members of the CGU Community:

It is by using much sadness which i report the passing of Michael Uhlmann, a longtime member of our Division of Politics & Economics along with a significant scholar of American government.

For many on our campus, Professor Uhlmann was not only an insightful critic and commentator but additionally a colleague and dear friend-a mentor to generations of scholars wanting to find out how government works (or, he might have said, how it doesn't) from someone whose experience extended to a distinguished career in public places service.

A last year, a tribute in The American Mind hailed Uhlmann as \”that rarest of specimens\”-a scholar whose practical, first-hand knowledge \”at multiple levels of government\” richly informed the experiences of his students.

Two of his former students now serve on our board of trustees and fondly remember their time studying with Uhlmann.

Trustee Mark Chapin Johnson shared with me that, \”Michael was among those rare professors that all students and friends were enriched by knowing.\”

Trustee Fred Balitzer recalled how Mike had a devoted following among his students. \”Mike expected so much from students, but they gave it willingly. Mike would be a man of strong opinions and unafraid to talk about them. Yet, simultaneously, he was friends with faculty across ideological and disciplinary lines. He was collegial in every sense of that word.\”

Uhlmann was ‘a teacher within the purest sense of the term. He believed passionately in building and sharing knowledge to create society and the world a better place.’

A native of Washington DC, Uhlmann served as Assistant Attorney General in the Ford administration so that as a special assistant to President Reagan, among other government positions. His other professional experience included many years in private legal practice as well as a leadership role having a philanthropic foundation.

Long before he joined our faculty in 2002, (he seemed to be an adjunct professor at Claremont McKenna College,) Uhlmann was one of our students. He completed his doctorate in government within 1978 after receiving a bachelor's degree ever from Yale and a law degree from the University of Virginia.

The great strength of any department or division is incorporated in the diverse backgrounds of their faculty, and our Division of Politics & Economics has benefited greatly from having members for example Uhlmann. As though his scholarly work weren't enough, also, he made time to function as the director in our successful Tribal Administration Certificate Program.

For all is not Michael Uhlmann at CGU – students, faculty and staff – he will be remembered as a teacher within the purest feeling of the word. He believed passionately in building and sharing knowledge to create society and our world a better place. He'll be sorely missed by those who had the privilege to utilize him and learn from him.

I inquire all to become listed on me in expressing our thanks to Professor Uhlmann for his plan to CGU and our deepest condolences to his family and all those who knew him.



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